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Black Rooster Audio // Edelweiss`72 Introduction

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Black Rooster Audio is excited to present the Edelweiss‘72, a highly dynamic mixing toolchain, that allows surgical modifications to any signal or mix that might sound limply, needs subtle tweaking or a decent finish. Where in the input stage you are able to expand the signal, that might be stressed by over-compression or needs a wider dynamic range, you can EQ your signals in 5 static bands, with linear-phase filters in regular stereo or M/S mode. A final compression/limiting stage will finish the overall process with a concentration of density made up with (auto) gain-stages at the end of each … Continued

Black Rooster Audio // VEQ-1P Program EQ Introduction

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Black Rooster Audio is excited to present the VEQ-1P Program EQ, inspired by one of the most famous and renowned equalizers in studio history. This plug-in allows for manipulation of the low and high end of the spectrum, without impairing the midrange. The interactive filter network, that features boost and cut at the same time will give the users multiple options of how to treat the shelf frequency, in a manner that is very musical and most other equalizers are not capable of achieving. Try the famous „Pultec-Trick“ with the VEQ-1P on BassDrum for more definition and spectral transparency. Visit … Continued

Mr. & Mrs. Jones (EPK)

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Jazz Meets Herr Nilsson | Teaser

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Opener Sequence for Live-Jazz Blog ‚Jazz Meets Herr Nilsson‘ (2014) Camera & Editing by Richad Eisenach Music: Igor Zawadzki Quartett – Stablemates (Benny Golson)

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