Richard Eisenach
Email: r.eisenach (at)




Richard Eisenach lives in Düsseldorf, is an electric- and doublebass player and works as director, editor and camera man.

Born 1988 in spremberg he spends his early years in south hessen, Germany. Somewhere between punk rock and jazz he finally decides to quit skateboarding and hence to concentrate on music.

His studies lead him to the Robert Schumann Hochschule and the Institut für Musik und Medien Düsseldorf where he focuses both on his main subject, the electric bass (with Stephan Rademacher) and audiovisual production and composition. In 2016 he graduated with the Bachelor of Music.

Since he loves the unknown and is always searching for challenges he engages in most diverse projects. Today, somewhere between fusion, jazz, and punk, acoustic, electronic and experimental you may also find him both well tempered and dressed in the world of glitter pop every once in a while.