Official music video for „Lumina“ by DYNARCHY (2015)

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Directed & Edited by: Richard Eisenach
Light Design: Peter Thoma
Camera: Lucas Grey, Richard Eisenach
Set Design: Richard Eisenach, Peter Thoma
Color Grading: Lucas Grey
Sounddesign: Valentin Link
Story: Daniel Schmidt
Starring: Claudia Schmidt, Daniel Schmidt, Nadjana Gaffron

Thanks to:

Institut für Musik und Medien, Düsseldorf


Vocals: Nadjana
Guitar: Djitó
Synth, Percussions and EFX by DYNARCHY
Music & Lyrics by DYNARCHY
Produced by DYNARCHY
Mixed and Mastered by Janik Riegert


Copyright © 2015 DYNARCHY | Nadjana Gaffron & Daniel Schmidt. All rights reserved.